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News » Chicago White Sox Inside Pitch 2008-05-06

Chicago White Sox Inside Pitch 2008-05-06

Chicago White Sox Inside Pitch 2008-05-06
As if the slumping bats weren't enough to give the White Sox headaches, their latest attempt at a slump-buster is now under scrutiny.

Before Sunday's game with Toronto, an unnamed player positioned two nude female blow-up dolls in the clubhouse with bats from most of the players fanned out around them, almost resembling some voodoo ritual to get the club going, as well as loosen up a suddenly uptight clubhouse.

It was made into a big deal in several Toronto newspapers, and the Sox were feeling the backlash by Monday afternoon. If those offended were expecting an apology from manager Ozzie Guillen, however, well, they must not know the man very well.

"We have to keep those guys loose and have fun and forget about it," Guillen said. "I think some take it the wrong way. I don't think the players tried to disrespect anyone or make fun of anyone.

"I think 100 percent of the people in the clubhouse are 18 years old, and that's a private thing. If the players do it in the dugout where everyone can see in public, or in the hotel lobby, we did it in our clubhouse, and a lot of things happen in the clubhouse. I don't really know why people are making it a big deal. If people got their feelings hurt because of that... they don't really know much about baseball."

On Saturday, Sox players shaved the head of third-base coach Jeff Cox with the hope of turning things around. That obviously didn't appease the hitting gods in the eyes of the players, hence "Blow-up Doll-Gate."

"I don't think they should make a big deal out of it because that's our clubhouse and I don't think there's anything illegal there," Guillen said. "I'm not going to apologize and not make the players apologize. It used to (be), whatever was in the clubhouse stayed in the clubhouse, and then all the (stuff) changed. But I don't think we did anything wrong to make people upset.

"Those toys, don't worry, we (still) got our (butt) kicked. Hopefully, we come up with something better. We don't need dolls. We need hits. People get mad, hey."

Guillen, who is no stranger to criticism, was asked if he felt the negative feedback was more because it was his clubhouse. After all, as Guillen put it, "I'm not a Jose Canseco, I'm not going to throw people under the bus, (but) I guarantee you (there has been) a blow-up doll before in the clubhouse."

BLUE JAYS 1, WHITE SOX 0: The loss to the Blue Jays at the Rogers Centre was the Sox's sixth straight, and the goose egg on the scoreboard gave them nine runs total in those six losses. One player who should be worried about his immediate future is Sox second baseman Juan Uribe. He did go 2-for-3 to raise his batting average to .181 on the year, but had a huge baserunning gaffe in the third inning.

After his leadoff single to start the inning, Uribe went to third on a Toby Hall double. New leadoff hitter Orlando Cabrera hit a chopper to noodle-armed shortstop David Eckstein, who was playing back with the rest of the infield. Uribe thought pitcher Dustin McGowan (2-2) had a chance of making the play, so he hesitated and never went. He never left third, as the Sox eventually failed to score. "You have to ask him," Ozzie Guillen said of the play.

Uribe took the blame, but said, "I thought maybe the pitcher got it. When I saw he didn't, it was too late."

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Added: May 6, 2008

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