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MLB 2K12 - MLB Thoughts: ESPN's April 23rd Power Rankings - April 24th, 2012

About this video:
Previous video: MLB 2K12 - MLB Thoughts: Quick Predictions - April 23rd, 2012 All season long I hope to bring to you some of my thoughts and predictions. Current prediction standings: 130-114 Another postponed game on the record books leaving me to finish only 7-3. The Pirates and Rockies will make up this game on Wednesday as part of a double header. The American League has a set of great and sad stories, starting with the under-performing Albert Pujols and Jose Batista while Adam Dunn and Josh Willingham exceed expectations. Once again I'm left disagreeing with ESPN's power rankings, while John Kruk seems to get it a lot closer to where I feel it should be. Last week Barry Larkin set-up his top five in comparison to ESPN's, but I didn't want to really look at it given that I noticed it too late into the week and that there wasn't much difference between ESPN's top give and Larkin's. All of the games being played today with picks (all times are based on Eastern Time): Rockies at Pirates - 7:05pm (PIT) Royals at Indians - 7:05pm (KC) Mariners at Tigers - 7:05pm (DET) Blue Jays at Orioles - 7:05pm (TOR) Angels at Rays - 7:10pm (TB) Marlins at Mets - 7:10pm (NYM) Giants at Reds - 7:10pm (SF) Yankees at Rangers - 8:05pm (TEX) Cardinals at Cubs - 8:05pm (STL) Red Sox at Twins - 8:10pm (BOS) Astros at Brewers - 8:10pm (MIL) Phillies at D-backs - 9:40pm (PHI) White Sox at Athletics - 10:05pm (OAK) Nationals at Padres - 10:05pm (WAS) Braves at Dodgers - 10:10pm (ATL) Outro Music: "Ownage" by Dimitris Plagiannis Track title: Ownage License Type: Standard License Composer: Dimitris Plagiannis (AEPI) Publisher:Dimitris Plagiannis (AEPI) Licensor's Author Username: kristijanf Licensee: Jerrod Westerfeld For the item: Punk Rock Groove Item ID: 105044 Follow SAINTofSINS on Blogger: Follow SAINTofSINS on Twitter: Follow SAINTofSINS on Facebook: Be sure to read this blog post to find out how you can grow my channel and content:
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